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Inflatable Boats by Westribs

West RIBs is known as Australia's inflatable boat specialists and has a proven track record of developing the Australian market for several well known brands of Inflatable craft. For any kind of inflatable boat or inflatable boats accessories, West RIBs will have a wide range of products to choose from. Based in Fremantle, Western Australia WA, West RIBs supply inflatables throughout the world and have excellent product support and service.

The inflatable market in Australia is growing, as are the number of importers trying to sell them. More than just a retailer, West RIBs technicians can design, manufacture, fit-out, repair, retro-fit, replace, modify, reinforce, recommend and supply any single part or complete boats. West RIBs has a full service and carrys out warranty repairs for other importers and has also been repairing Australian Navy RIBs for many years.


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